What is a Deca Wrap?TM

About Deca WrapsTM

"I designed the 10 ways to wear the Deca WrapTM for women on the go who want to feel special, pretty, stylish and a little covered, but definitely not hidden! Deca WrapTM can be worn with pants, dresses, jeans, yoga apparel or as swimsuit cover up.
How will you wear your Deca Wrap?TM - Suzanne

About Suzanne Brinks

The Deca WrapTM is named for the 10 fun ways to wear it. My daughter named it using the Latin word for 10 . . . 'deca.' The concept of the Deca WrapTM is to add a splash of color and style while covering those areas of our body we want to minimize . . . for me its the hip area. When you wear the wrap in version 1 'Hanging Elegant', the female body is slimmed with the vertical lines and the hip area is covered. I wanted to go from yoga class to the grocery store or run errands and cover my bottom while looking good!

Many Different Fabrics

The design and fabric selections are specifically chosen to flatter women's many shapes and varieties of unique hair color and skin tones combinations.
Adding a Deca WrapTM to a basic black top and pants add instant pizzazz! Go from the office to an evening out with a quick change wrapping your Deca!

More on flattering your individual shape...here are suggestions. Keep in mind, color and print fabrics attract the eye and do a great job camouflaging!


Wear It 10 Ways!

There are 10 ways to wear the Deca WrapTM which can please the eye based on individual shapes.

10 figures
  • Slenderizing looks: Wrap Version #1 or #2 draws the eye in a vertical line and divides the width of the body into thirds to appear slimmer.
  • Narrow Shoulders: Wrap Version #2 or #3 adds fabric to the shoulder area which visually extends the shoulder line.
  • Strong Shoulders: Try #1, #4, #5, #7 or #8. Different looks for different days!
  • Hourglass Shape (shapely waist): Wrap Versions #4 and #7 feature the waist. Try asymmetrically wrap with a belt. Super cute!
  • Hide the Hips: Lots of options. Wrap Versions #1, #2, #3, #5, #6 and #7. Pick your favorite!
  • Full Bust: Wrap Versions #1, #5, and #7. Keep the fullness smoother over the bust.
  • Small Bust: Wrap Versions #4 and #8 are great for adding fabric to upper body.
  • For everyone! #9 Scarf and #10 Belt

We Deserve Luxury

Deca Wrap Fabrics

Have fun inventing your own way to wear the Deca WrapTM in harmonious colors! We all deserve that luxury. I hope my Deca WrapsTM show off your beauty! Email me with a photo of how you wear your Deca WrapTM!